Having worked for the past thirty years as an editorial and commercial photographer in Ireland and New York City I feel that I bring strong visual sense and marketing commonsense to the web.

If you need a new website, or feel your current site needs a revamp I can help. Using Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Live Motion (Flash), GoLive and hand-coded HTML I design fast-loading, easy-to-use, attractive websites that will capture visitors and get your message across.

As a web site promotions expert, I can place your site at the top in the search engines through skillful use of keywords and search engine submission.

Please enjoy the samples on the web design page and feel free to contact me for more information and to check with my satisfied clients. I look forward to hearing from you - and thanks for your interest in my work.

The photographs on my site are available as stock images.

(The images on the opening page animation were adapted from OGHAM, (OH-yam) an alphabet believed to have been devised by the Irish somewhere between the first and third centuries AD. Ogham is read from top to bottom and was constructed using a combination of lines placed adjacent to or crossing a midline).


All images on this website are © Martin Sheerin 2001