Here are some of the sites I have been involved in developing:

Uses audio files to help with pronunciation of the baby names, drop-down menus and a shopping cart etc in the store.

Beautiful Christening Gowns, Unique Baby Gifts, Christening Gifts and Baptism Gifts.
Whispering Pines Catalog -
cabin home decor, rustic furniture and rustic lighting.
A site for Maria B. Campbell Literary Agency in New York. Most of this site is password protected but you will get an idea...

Author Malachy McCourt uses his site to promote his books and personal appearances. Every week we get to update it as we get his column from "The West Side Spirit".

Site for Connecticut-based graphic designer Edward Panian.

Site for office furniture company Glenwood Office Environments based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Uses drop-down menus to help navigation through the site.